Monday, 7 February 2011

West London Derby 5-2

Oh yeah we're the London Boys' - Firing through the windy weeks now, sheer summer of a show with hot topics, boiling beats and no less than 3 guests!

That's right 3 - Infoman71 talking about Chelsea's new signing Tores' Beth Curtis with comment on QPR's fantastic season and Me summing up the Brentford goal against Yeovil.

Ok so that makes 2 guests really but boy were they good. New marketing chap in this week so we were trying to show off a bit, well I was, Dan seemed unfazed by it all.

Reading 0 1 QPR
Aston Villa 2 2 Fulham
Brentford 2 0 Plymouth
Chelsea 0 1 Liverpool

Press Play ....

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