Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dare - Dare to keep all your dreams alive.

I learnt all I know from Wrestling.

My oldest memories are of Transformers, Telecom Tower and WWF and this week I've done all 3.

Under the gaze of Europe’s tallest building FWA – Frontier Wrestling Alliance bought Brit Wrest’ to Debut (formerly SEONE) in London Bridge.

As promised there was free Courvoisier on arrival with a token, I took 2 and went back to pick up another 12 when it was my round. Very friendly crowd & I instantly made a companion who we also quickly ditched, he was too mental for us.

The fights were fantastic, proper high energetic moves, flights from the top ropes, transparent choreography in places but you know its fake anyway, isn’t it?

Thought I was digging it, James got so intense he shouted his face off!

Seem to have picked up a paper cut during one of the latter fights, I think the event organiser Sergio Gambardella had something to do with it.

You know it’s going to be a bit of a troublesome night when the General William is about, his tag team partner Ben & cheer leader Lucy packed out the blue corner.

Gambit had my back though, big hands all the way.

Dare - From Transformers the Movie

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