Wednesday, 3 August 2011

into pleasure started

Going round round round this sensation I’ve found, in my soul.

August 3 is where I’ve found me,
for most of the day at least till I sleep.

Off to Sky for a repeat of what’s my biggest high
And as we type this the song comes on which is just so fly.

Sleigh Bells – Kids, the rift, the rhyme is Killer everytime.

They still ain’t touring
Not touring yet
But you can bet when tix appear
I’ll be front row with Creds!

Filed Day this weekend,
Lovebox the one before last?
Till about 6ish
It was a super Huge Blast!

1883 Mag sent in the post,
Their art their fashion,
Inspired to the most!

Uppers and downers
Accompany my stroll
Winding round this big city
With Isabella my i phone.

If you’d have asked me last week
Or the week before that?
I’d say yeah on the upper
And sometimes too - wack.

As the hunter
Becomes the hunted
A follow from a bright star
A new accomplice?

As it all breaks down with the roll reversal
I’m using my hats
She’s universal?

Dan Formless ever my steed
Late night PM he’s the real gone kid.

As we skip through Shoreditch
Sometimes further away
He’s firing the spark plugs
And smiles away.

August three
That’s right now me
Till at least midnight
I’ll ponder after she.

Or perhaps the other
Or the other one from then
Parties in limo’s
Stretched leotards of Hens.

Tuesday is busy, Wednesday too
And Thursday is chocka
As I skip in my Brogue Shoes.

Under this sunlight
I feeling pretty alright
So thought I’d scribe this
As its feeling pretty right.

Hunting hunter
In Soho I ponder
With inept rhymes
Of moments of squandered.

Where now to go
With #ff we’ll know
How maybe,
To interact with the new she?

The sun doesn’t set, it just slips away
And with each delightful rise – a new fun time day.

Perspiration across a radio station,
With a radio show with limited flow.
So I’ll try again on another & another again
2 hours flying solo – was fun for my brain.

Check out the line up as we produce another few
Stars in the making – itching to sound out to you.

Mid year Christmas cheer as we bask in 30, its hot oh Yeeah’

Anna Calvi, Warpaint too – now its proper dry
Shoreditch Whites are my shoes.

Double duo with the Beanie Bands
Liccle ring mark on my suntanned hands.

Finished this, this is finished
The night time begins and we all diminished
Dilapidated, pumped heart rated
Firing through the night – into pleasure started.

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