Friday, 5 August 2011

Oh Arsenal We Love You

Its started already, just watching the draw was nervous. I’ve said all summer I’ve not missed soccer – our show West London Derby has been going on throughout the close season and we’ve found things to talk about to keep it all alive.

The Women’s World Cup was a nice summer slice of soccer and the #ff Funny Friendlies were very entertaining over the last few weeks. Watching us against the Red Bulls last weekend was pretty much picking up where we left off – creative sharp and attacking, up front still lacking and conceding sloppy goals.

You cant read to much into these #ff Funny Friendlies though, the dissent on Twitter was a bit over the top but expected from our frowning fans.

I forgot this anxious excited feeling though, every match in the second half of last season was ridiculous, clawing back against West Brom, 98mins of Liverpool and Stuffing Utd with half a team! At half time against Barcelona I looked up from the clock end to an Anfield 89 banner and sent vibes to the team to believe in the same – a rousing second half performance and some Super Nick involvement was just incredible – beating them at their own game and sending the Glacticons into the gutter with their Piella smeared everywhere!

The hooligan escapes from me every time, the shouting and yelling and playful passion clouds my vision, which is why I find writing about sport so difficult. I love Arsenal, I’m a fan of football but the Love is Arsenal. We play the game in the most attractive way and thus are the ambassadors of the sport. Other than the Emirates Cup which I’ve heard is going to be a qualification tournament next year? The lack of silverware is disappointing but to watch such wonders week in week out is Golden Goal.

Part of the nerves behind the draw was that I wanted a home tie first – my mum is away and thus I get to go, the decision now is who to take? August Arsenal Champions League – what a treat!

Newcastle first day of the season should be exciting, they deserve a good pasting after what they did to us last season and their excited twitter twat should hopefully go someway to disrupt their pre-season plans.

@ least 4 goals – fuck it 5! We played them at Highbury in 2003 – it was on a Friday night? We won 3-2 and the game was symbolic for my life going in a particular direction. I went on to play a killer DJ set that night whacking out no less than 5 Muse tunes!

Oh Arsenal We Love You.

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