Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Same Mistakes

Same Mistakes - The Cooper Temple Clause

Everything about this record is true, sublime and dictatorially precise.

With everything from the record Kick Up the Fire and Let the Flames Break, all carry so much meaning, force, devotion and raw energy.

To open with such a subtle starting rousing crescendo introduction to what is, has been, and always will be - the most defining record of my life.

Libertines, Strokes, Gun's N Roses all feature but TCTC really took me, held me and still do - at gunpoint.

And now more than ever - you can't keep making the same mistakes. Do I dare open the show with it this week? It's included for sure, perhaps with this eulogy.

And so it has to change
The notebook's now in pieces
Words we'll never sing
I know you'll say i've simply jumped the gun
And that they've won
But you can't keep making the same mistakes
You see i've had this thought
It took its time in coming
But now won't be denied
I'd always gone about these things all wrong
But not this song
Coz you can't keep making the same mistakes
No you can't keep making the same mistakes
Can't jump ship just yet
There's no one at the wheel
Someone has to steer
Get a hold of yourself
Keep your head there's no time to waste
You'll see it soon enough
But all is not forgotten
And now's no time for tears
Coz though that boy has died this one still lives
And now there's life
And a chance to make up for all those mistakes
But please don't get me wrong
Coz everything was honest
True and from the heart
There's still the same old hang ups so don't fret
Its not safe yet
And who knows there's always time to screw up again
But maybe we'll be cool
Coz you were made an offer
You could not refuse
You made me come alive and see my face
See my grace
And we grow or do we just haul it around?

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