Thursday, 18 August 2011

Show 31 - Far Away

Broadcast Shoreditch Radio 12:00 19/8/11

The Killing Moon Show 31 - Far Away.

With a broken heart and constant misplacing of words in sentences the music was a nice accompanyment to my deathly hallow.

I didn't die but choaked several times which is more than enough to prop up Shoreditch Radio's Most Played Show!

Local News all coming from the East London Lines this week which were delvered to my door!

Specail shouts to Birthday John Sims, Stag do Craig, Cheryl Cousin heading to Ozz! Jamie, Thornley, Formless and the maker of a wild and wayward night - Emy the Great.

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Show 31 – Faraway 19-8-11

1. Maps – you don’t know her name
2. Kate Nash – Birds
3. Friendly Fires – Hurting
4. Guns N Roses – Rocket Queen
5. Khula Shaker – Hey Dude
6. Falco – Rock me Amadeus
7. Sleigh Bells –
8. Strokes – Soma
9. Anna Calvi – Susan and I
10. Womack – Teardrops
11. Ravonettes - Do you belive her?
12. CSS – hits me like a Rock

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