Thursday, 11 August 2011

Shoreditch Radio The Killing Moon - The Show Must Go ON

The Killing Moon 30 - The Show Must Go ON
Broadcast Friday 12/8/11 12:00

When all around you people lose their heads, just let them, its fine they’ll be back and if not, then make it on your own.

Mild reflections on what’s been going down but we’ve done it through inspired audio tracks as wave off, subtle look back.

Wolfette – the Beautiful Dominique joins us for a chat and we’ll spin her new synth single 'Different Story'

Tom from Eat Your Own Ears – curators of last weeks Flame throwing Field Day Festival @Tom_Ravenscroft summed it up best – lots of very beautiful people not watching much music - My God were they beautiful!

Huge thanx to David Loving Dalston for 66.33% of the local news also check out their website now actually do it after the show as you might spoil the news.

And efforts beyond stearn belief to my favourite female lady voice. Her debut record was my favourite of 2007 last years release my fave of 2010 – when all around you lose their heads? She used her fame to good fortune gathering people across the sphere to do good in Hackney, Clapham, Hoxton Square.

It was lovely listening to your record on Wednesday and too see the kindness and generosity you offered to London was second to none.

Made of Bricks? Made of sterner stuff – Kate Nash The Show Must Go On x

1. Queen – The Show Must Go On
2. XX – VCR (Mathew Dear Remix)
3. Sleigh Bells – A/B Machine
4. Woolfette – Different Story
5. The Specials - Ghost Town
6. Anna Calivi – Susan and I
7. The Clash – Clampdown
8. Friendly Fires – Ex Lovers
9. Joy Division – Isolation
10. White Stripes – Little Room
11. Kate Nash – Mouthwash

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